About Proman

PROMAN is a perfectly integrated window based fully-featured multi-users ERP software chaining all the functional areas together for the capability to streamline different organizational processes and workflows and the ability to effortlessly communicate information across various departments including improved efficiency, performance annd productivity levels for utmost customers satisfaction. PROMAN can be deployed over local or wide area networks to obtain the best possible functionality of every core area of your business organization. PROMAN ERP has a number of standard integrated modules which can be customized to your Business practices then there are Vertical Specific modules as well which help easy implementation as per your requirement. You can start with a few essential ERP Software modules and then add more functions as need arises. This reduces your dependence on multiple applications and brings consistency in information sharing across the organization. PROMAN is easy to integrate with a large number of 3rd party applications. If required, your existing applications/hardware can be made to communicate with ERP Software.

Why Proman ?

Fully window based and multi-users. Modern cutting edged Technology.
Automatic data backup Facilities. Full Customization Capabilities.
User Friendly and Easy to Use. Comprehensive Features.
Multi-company, Multi-location. Security   Reliability.
Integration Capabilities. Database Integration.
Custom Report Designing. Admin Panel for specific setting of each module.
Report export facilities to MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Images etc. Data upload facilities in Web Server.
Data restore facilities. Job Work Maintenance.
Third Party Production Maintenance. Loan License Product Maintenance.
Our Valuable Clients