ERP Implementation Service

We offer a full range of ERP Implementation Service; we work closely with your dedicated team to ensure a successful software implementation process ensuring that the software meets all the implementation strategies as defined previously to achieve the maximum satisfactory goal. With experience of more than decades our expert professionals guide you all the way to implement the ERP system in your organization in a very adoptable systematic implementation approach. Whenever we receive a call from our customer across the world, the call is directly monitored by expert ERP software professional with an industry-leading experience of over ten years. We never outsourced any third party company for our post-sales support.

Business Application Development

We are offering a wide range of Business Consulting Services in the area of developing customized Business Application as you dreamed to own for your company. You can take the advantages of our excellent blend of industrial experience, technical expertise, global ERP sourcing and solutions and other areas. Based on our decades of experience with the world's top brands, retailers and consumer products companies, our consultants will guide you to adopt the best practices in all areas of business development ranging from operational and organizational improvement to software selection or developing new application that suits you best.

Mobile Application Development

With the increasing number of smart phone users, it is estimated that mobile apps has become an integral part of all human beings. Our expertise team of mobile app developers is creative and excellent in the field of developing and designing customized mobile apps using advanced tools and technology that offering a series of native smarttphone apps for fulfilling a specific business needs.

Website Development

We are offering a wide range of Website Development Services in almost all areas of business sectors. We believe that a website is a blend of creativeness and technology of descend qualified developers. At Compusoft Technology we convert your concept into a brilliant reality that exposes your idea in a form of a website on the public dommain. Our solutions are purely based on.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions are very popular today in our business environment for the purpose of buying and selling of products and services through internet. With a challenging growth in online shoppers, businesses are now turning their websites into online portals that is called E-commerce solutions. While developing E-Commerce site the firsst and foremost thing is to make a target to the desired audience and create an interface to reach those audience easily as soon as possible. We help you designing your product catalog, editing product and brand details and descriptions etc. as you require publishing in the domain for maximize the targeted sales. Our teams of experts have rich experience developing scalable custom ecommerce solutions with complete backend features that cater to specific client requirements securing organizational goal.

Data Migration

Our expertise Data administrator team assists you with migration of your existing legacy data into any ERP software system, provided that the format of existing data is convertible to any electronic format. The migration process initiates standard processes for mapping data files to the targeted application in a systematic and controlledd scientific manner. These processes are used for the initial data load from legacy systems and integration with third-party applications and data.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service or SaaS is a process of developing and implementing applications over the Internet through websites or web enabled software. Instead of installing and maintaining software, customers simply access the application via Internet, freeing themselves from complex software and hardware maintenance and management on their own sites. SaaS applications are sometimes called Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software or cloud based erp software. The SaaS application model is implemented in a company when the company does not want to implement and manage its own infrastructure on information technology.
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