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What is ERP System ?
ERP systems is a business process which manages the relational data of an organization in such a centralized way to process and share the information in different departments like finance, raw materials, packing material, finish goods, production, manufacturing, planning, quality control, quality assurance, human resource, man power planning, purchase, salee order, payroll etc. etc. to facilitates the industry to maintain error-free day to day business transactions undertaking by the personnel engaged in producing optimum desired results. ERP facilitates information flow between all business functions, and manages connections to outside stakeholders.
Why ERP System ?
ERP allows you to improve operational processes, create efficiencies throughout the organization, expand relationships with suppliers, and continuously improve customer satisfaction. ERP software integrates all the source of information accurately in a real-time data to provide the users all the breaks up information relating to all the departments and helpps staff make better decision more quickly and frees up their time form doing tedious homework which enable them to do more high-value exercise for the prospective growth of the organization.
Implementing ERP System
Implementing an ERP System in any Establishment is a critical process that must be taken very carefully and seriously. ERP implementation process requires dedication and commitment by a project development team and support by business leaders to ensure optimum success. It should come as no surprise that there are multiple types of ERP implementations processs and you can choose to build your own custom ERP implementation program according to the cost and complexity of business you are occupying.

In the first phase

In the first phase of the implementation system, a detailed discovery process should be done with a schedule discussion with the concerned persons questioning, redefining and streamlining the overall business process and identifying the core business requirement to prepare an implementation project.

In the second phase

In the second phase of the implementation system, the whole business process are understood and defined by our concerned developers and consultants to build a model of proposed solution to be implemented for a specific organization and the same should be pending for the acceptance and approval from the management concerned.

In the third phase

In the third phase of the implementation system that begins on your acceptance of the proposed project plan we deliver the project to our development team specifying a particular period for the completion of the development process and the same should be forwarded to you for your intimation purpose including the other implementation criteria you deserve to meet. The plan includes everything from data conversions and data entry to verifying the network and hardware requirements.

In the fourth and final phase

In the fourth and final phase we start imparting training to all the concerned persons involved with the implementation process of the ERP software. During this period we analyze the skills and capabilities of the trainees that to what extent they could cover up their respective modules and the findings are intimated you immediately for your quick decision. Only a properly trained user can reap the benefit of the ERP software which is ultimately beneficial for the organization.



Third Party/Loan License

Job Work





Key Benefits
Why Finaman ERP?
  • Fully Window based, Multiuser, Multitasking, GST Compliance ERP software.
  • Running cost and maintenance cost are very low comparing to other software.
  • Flexibility of UOM management system. No need to fix a particular unit in item master.
  • 100% customization capabilities according to the customer’s requirement.
  • Flexibility of maintaining multiple company in a single accounting year.
Features of Finaman ERP
  • Menus can be altered/replaced/added throughout the modules according to the users requirements.
  • Complete stock status report like Untetsted / Under Tested / Approved/ Rejected/ Expired/ Retested / Sale-purchase return / Line return / Adjusted stock.
  • User wise authentications of Additions, Modifications, Deletion, Retrieving and Viewing of data.
  • Multiple query and reports are instantly available in each entry Module.
  • Facility for creating Third party, Loan License and Job work companies in a single accounting year.
5 Organs of Finaman ERP
  • Additions of new data.       
  • Modifications of existing data.
  • Deletions of existing data.
  • Searching / Viewing of a data from the entire database.
  • Print and Preview of the reports from the existing data.
"In Finaman ERP software we scientifically compiled the above 5 process which we call 5 organs of the software."
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